Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pink Little Cake

This is what I've been doing all week!

On of my coworkers decided to head out of town and go to the "BIG CITY." BORING! Why would you want to do that when there are such cool people around here? Well, we tried to change her mind at a little party, but it was no go. I brought the cake.

Just to explain what you see, Marshmallow fondant covers this chocolate fudge cake. Pink buttercream is covered by pink fondant. Originally my thought for the cake was to make a three tier cake to display shoe cookies (that's the type of girl.. more shoes than the queen I imagine). While I decided to change the idea half way through, but it was more for lack of time. I did have the shoes prepped, but just thought that the cake was too darn pretty as it was!

A smiling Jess next to the cake. You can see, it was a Pink Little Cake. I kept thinking about Kathia at the blog Pink Little Cake as I was making it. It was totally sweet site. You should check her out!

Of course, everyone wonders what the inside looks like, but rarely get to see. So, I took a few pictures. Look at the perfection! It was sooo moist! (notice the filleting knife we used to cut the cake? Small towns :)

Had I added the shoes, it would have been something like this... the cake just keeps getting eaten... Each shoe has a little sucker stick in them, then they are poked into the cake to stick upwards. It was a great design. I was just not too crazy about the possibility of ruining the cake. Some of the shoes did make it into the flower arrangement.

Enjoying the cake, Wendy, Me, and Jess. It was a fun night!

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Loren @ The Baking Sheet said...

So pretty!!

Pink Little Cake said...

I love the cake! it looks very moist and yummy. For a moment I just read your post title and I was like Pink Little Cake? that's my blog? you are super sweet!

Kate said...

This looks beautiful! I'm so glad you also took a pic. once you cut the cake. The chocolate cake looks amazing!