Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am pretty sure that aside from my family and close friends, many don't know that my home town of Thunder Bay had massive flooding. The big storm overflowed rivers and streams, overloaded the water treatment plants that then backed up into people's homes. People fought tooth-and-nail to keep water out of their homes, while others could do nothing but watch as 2 meters of water flooded their basements (that is way over my head). Some even said they had live fish down in the depths of the murky water.

While our region has been dry, this water does not help at all. I suppose we're all just wanting May showers to lead to June flowers, which is why I've made these cookies. I kept thinking of flowers, and people, rain and being stuck in the house. So, in conjunction with a cake project I'm working on, I threw together some cookies. What better to lift the spirits? (Just so we are clear, my family was fine... I'm sure my father was canoeing down the swollen rivers, and maybe even in the back lane).

 I think these cookies helped me to kick myself out of my funk! It was almost 3 weeks between my last post and the Thomas cake I made. I hate when you're creative juices dry up! Unlike the weather


And I love to paint on cookies. I remember someone saying that using food-doodle food writers (edible markers) was cheating, but I consider painting on a cookie to be quite beautiful. I can get more detail into the cookie this way. And I make them pretty.

So, here's to spring, and summer, and nice weather, and fewer rainy days.
And good luck to all those in the Flood Zones!

I am off to finish my cake project... and maybe go to work!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Worst new blog post ever

No really! I truly have been so busy testing and getting my end-of-year tasks done that I've had no time to enjoy any baking.... other than this pathetic little cake which my Hubbie demanded I make. He was thinning significantly, and needed some love in his belly.

At least this weekend I can take solace in the fact that I have another cake project for a friend's son. That should kick me in the rear! YAY!


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