Monday, July 30, 2012

Towwwww Mater!

I had the most amazing day yesterday. It included a four hour car ride one way, and a midnight 4 for hour car drive back... but the between.. PRICELESS! Actually, the ride back was pretty sweet too! This is the reason for the trip!

My nephew Aiden was celebrating his 3rd birthday.

 I have not seen my niece and nephew in four months, so I definitely needed to drive to Thunder Bay to visit. The problem is that I have another cake project due this weekend, so I didn't have a lot of time to spare. So, SURPRISE! I took a day trip down there (8 hour round trip) to go to the birthday party. What would a party be without cookies?

I made special Tow Mater cookies from Disney's Cars movies; Aiden LOVES Mater. In fact, most of his present were 'Cars' related. It was a super surprise for them. I walked in the door and Abby, my niece, JUMPED ME! We had cake which dyed our mouths blue, ate hot-dogs and played! Here's Abby with her tooth-fairy costume (her future career aspiration).

 And of course, Cookies for everyone~

Vivian and Brooklyn (Abby and Aiden's friends) munch away on their cookies!

Even my cousin Kathrine enjoys the cookies.

Okay... so like I said, big project, three cakes, major work to be done! It's time for me to stop being lazy and get some work done. For some reason, I never post as much in the Summer... guess the heat combined with the prospect of swimming! Hehee, I'm a fish in the summer.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Cake Camp 2012

Welcome to Cake Camp 2012

This year I had the pleasure of running a rather fun week long camp with some very talented youth. Cake Camp was a smattering of cookie, cupcake and cake decorating. The kids were introduced to the basics of each type of activity, and capped the week off with a lovely tea for their parents and friends. It was a bunch of fun. Here are some highlights:

We started off with Cookie Decorating 101. Kids baked, piped and decorated their own sugar cookies. 

For first-timers, they did AMAZING!

Of course I had to play too!

Next, we did cupcake piping and decorating....

And of course, our culminating project was a cake! Here's an awesome stable-themed cake! Each of the cakes were designed and created by the students. I loved the horse on this one!

And of course, each student came away with a masterpiece!. From flowers, to Victorian-themed cakes, from rainbows to purses, to hamburgers, these kids ROCKED their cake creations!

Cake Camp 2012 was super fun!

For more photos, check out my facebook page!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Call of Duty Cake: Fake Blood Warning

Okay, please don't be too shocked by the photos. I hate violence, and am not much of a gamer, but when my super, uber-gamer friend asked me to do a special cake for her birthday, I could not say no, even when she told me what she wanted.... You see... my friend plays COD... and not the fish. COD, or Call of Duty, is a gaming franchise which prides itself on a HUGE base of gamers. This game is GOLD in the industry.

Anyway, my friend plays on several teams, and is a quick-scope champion... and a girl. A GAMER GIRL!
What is awesome about 'girlsarookie807' is that she is a huge gamer, knows COD in and out (again, not the fish), and yet, loves the colour pink, and paints her nails better than I could ever hope to. She's awesome!

So, her cake symbolized her perfectly. A crate filled with her two favorite weapons: Throwing Daggers and Grenades. I love the throwing daggers, they were made of Gumpaste, then painted to look like real throwing knives.Can you see? I also added in some bullets to symbolize her quick-scope team.

The cake would not have been right if I did not add a touch of pink. So, the pink bow and rose are the perfect way of symbolizing her femininity.. EXCEPT THAT THE ROSE, CRATE AND ENTIRE CAKE IS COVERED IN BLOOD!!!

Honestly, my favorite part of this cake was the grenade! It's cake, covered in fondant. I had to use MMF to make the ridges, just placing larger squares of MMF on the cake, then covering it in a smooth layer of fondant. Perfect! Gumpaste trigger and pull make it perfect! SUPER FUN!

Okay, onward. My College Caking Course (hehhee.. alliteration), starts Monday! I am super excited for that. I will take photos if I can!

Until then!

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