Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Cake: Dragon Slippers

My Final Cake for the March Break!

I am super happy with this cake. The series which starts with the book "Dragon Slippers" by Jessica Day George is a favorite of my friend's daughter. The lovely Courtney is super into the books, and requested this cake for her birthday. Or rather, a cake with the idea of Dragon Slippers. With some painting, the cake was personalized.

I used edible food color on Marshmallow Fondant to paint the book's cover. I let layers dry as I painted in order to prevent bleed.

And, of course, the books would not be perfect unless there was a little accent on the book.

Now, if you looked very closely, you'll notice a wood grained board on the cake. That is my latest plaything. Using three colors of MMF (White, Tan and Brown) I marbled and rolled out a sheet big enough for the cake board.
Next, I cut lines in the MMF to look like planks.

Next, using a pointy tool, I cut small holes into the MMF, where the knots of the wood would be. Then, I used thye same tool to add lines for the wood grain.
Finally, using Edible Brown Food Gels (I Used Americolor), I added in detail where the knots were, and lightly brushed the rest of the 'wood' with lots of water. This added a sheen to he wood, making it look like a polished wooden plank. Great for this cake! I just stacked the books on as per normal.

So, March Break Madness is over. I'm sad. I love making cakes! I was super super happy with all of them! Now, I have to get ready to go back to work. BOO! I have two more days of glorious sunshine. I guess I will go and enjoy it.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flowers are Blooming

The wonderful weather continues! Actually, it rained a little here on Monday, but the sun came out and the rest of the week looks clear and warm! You can even see the buds on the trees starting to come out. We've had a very mild winter. Especially for Northern Canada!

This cake is my finest! I truly believe that this cake represents my best work. My friend's daughter was celebrating her 10th birthday, which was also her "Flower Birthday". How excited was I when I was asked to make the girl's cake.

Of course, this cake in my opinion in whimsical. The only request my friend had was "Lots of Colour," and beyond that, she said go to town. This design is a very classic design. It is known as a "Flower Box" Cake. It is a "Hat Box" cake with flowers spilling over the sides and the lid slightly a-kilter. I made sugar flowers for three days! Orchids, roses, hydrangeas, cherry blossoms, calla-lilies, and ivy leaves.

The sugar orchid below is my absolute favorite flower. I have never made a combined flower (that is flower petals wrapped together to make a flower). Most of my tries result in very broken flower pieces. This time, I was able to make two, one for each side, and they looked fabulous!

I think the best part was the party. I taught the kids how to decorate cupcakes. I used piping bags and we did Cuppy bears. I was super excited. They got creative and made Cuppy-Ducks and bunnies and kitties too! The kids did a fabulous job, and hopefully I'll get the pictures of the decorating fun from my friend. My course at the college, which runs April 4th, is full. I am so excited! This was a great run-through!

Well, I have one last cake for this March Break. I have yet to make it.... So many birthday parties, so many cakes! I am having a super fantastic March Break. I hope you are too!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012


I hope everyone is enjoying the weather. It is gorgeous outside, and hard to believe that we are only in March. This break, I have big plans.. here's a clue as to what it is:

Can you guess?

If you said lounge on the beach, you are wrong. Although I wish I could. No. This Break, instead of going somewhere warm, or visiting family in the city, I am staying at home to make cakes!
It is as though all my friends had their kids at the same time... and so, in 5 days I've made two cakes. The one above is my first. Luckily it was a simple design. BEACH BREAK!

As I made the little girl figurine I couldn't help but wish I had a sunny location to go. The recent lovely weather has made for warm conditions, but having wet feet from the melting snow is hardly the beach-like conditions I was hoping for.

The two figurines on the cake, my friend's kids, are not going somewhere sunny for their birthdays, but rather, a trip to the US for a water-park like hotel. I hope you all have great trips wherever you go.

As for my second cake, one I finished today, there's a little teaser on my facebook page. I will tell you this... that this new cake took a lot more time and care to make. AND IT IS GORGEOUS! Until then :)

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