Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anniversary in more ways than one

February 29th is a big day for me. Not only is this my 200th post YAY, but it is also my first, fourth anniversary. It was four years ago today, February 29th 2008 that I got married.
Now, I get to celebrate!

Hubbie and I met some 10 years ago this month (Feb). I saw him in my first year English class and thought he was super beautiful! Being too shy to say anything, I just kept my nose in my books and soldiered on. A cute guy like him needs someone equally as good looking.
Later on that day, I walked into the social area of the university, the Agora, and saw some people playing a game. I walked up and said: OH WOW... MAGIC CARDS (nerdy game)... only to notice that the one playing the game was ... my future hubbie.

I was super embarrassed! But he was nice. We talked, played a few games of Magic, and then he asked me out to a movie. Our first 'date' was watching a movie about cannibalism (a movie called Ravenous).
One thing led to another, and we started to go steady. Six years later...
Hubbie hands me a box... my birthday present he says. I open it up, only to find a lovely kitten he had rescued from the humane society. As I lift the kitten and begin to freak out, he tells me to look at the bottom of the box. There was no ring, just two simple words... ENGAGEMENT KITTEN. I said yes of course. To this day, I still only have my wedding ring... one which matches his.

We were married in 2008. I was completing a Masters degree in English, and he was in Fort teaching... we decided to go ahead with our planned wedding date, even though we would only get a weekend together. We had chosen the leap year. Much like our courtship and engagement, the day was unique and fun... a perfect day for a wedding.
With Hubbie-to-be driving in town late on a Friday Night (after the school across the street blew up ... no really... from a gas leak just as he was leaving), and with me getting the final touches in place... we wed on a cold, freshly snowy Saturday. Our small ceremony was perfect. And he was mine forever! The school was repaired 1 and 1/2 years later...

I think the world of him. Unfortunately, he is actually sick today, so no big celebrations for us. He was super sad that he was not well enough for our dinner reservations, but I would much rather go when he feels well. Instead, I get to nurse him to health... I love him a lot!

Of course, what anniversary would be complete without cake! I decided to finally try the "ROSE" cake that I am Baker Legend, Amanda designed some time ago. You may have seen other people's versions... not it's my turn.

It's pretty. Roses for an anniversary. Hubbie loved it!

And of course, I can continue on being the dorky house wife I've always wanted to be. I seriously dreamed of it when I was young, but not knowing how to cook put a real hamper on that. I had a lot of work to do, and I think I fixed the problems... Maybe . At least I don't burn water anymore.

So, now I'm off to 'cubble' my Hubbie. Later on, we eat cake. Maybe, just maybe he'll be better this week, and we can celebrate for realsies.


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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Book of your Life Cake

Hmm. What is this book? Why, it is about my life! It has my interests and dreams! IT'S A CAKE!

That is more or less how I viewed the giving of this latest cake. One of my coworkers recently celebrated her 60th birthday.

I love when I get asked to do an 'over-the-hill' cake. I mean, what do people normally ask for when they want to celebrate an 'older' birthday... tombstones, graves, hills with people passed out on them. I mean, what tells a person that you care about them than showing them they will soon be dead? Right?

Seriously, Google OVER THE HILL CAKES and you are going to get a bunch of winner ideas. Not that they cannot be well exectuted or quite beautiful; it's just the idea of reminding people of what is coming. That's why I decided on this Book of your Life theme. Take a look:

Barb's friends conspired to tell me the things that were important to her: her grand-kids, quilting, shopping, working with friends, gardening. These were the elements that I incorporated into the cake, trying to make it seem like a positive reflection on the years to come, rather than reminding her that death is waiting around the corner with a little scythe and black robe.

Anyway, over the next week you'll notice some changes here at the blog. I'm going to be revamping this year's design, and hopefully everything will run smoothly. If you find things hard to find for a bit, I apologize. This will be my third anniversary at Domestic Sugar, and so I decided for a change of scenery. My next post will actually be my 200th! YAY.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cupcake Gallery - Sugar Flower Cupcakes

My friend Wendy celebrated her birthday yesterday. To celebrate, I decorated cute cuppies for her. I decided that she is such a fun and sunny lady that fun flowers would be perfect! This post has no comments, just LOTS of photos.


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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tea Time!

One of my coworkers is having her two granddaughters over for a tea party (HOW SWEET!) and asked me to make some tea-party themed cookies.

When I think of tea party, I think dainties, flowery teacups and the 1900s. Now.. those were the days (I should know, I was there)! Back in my day, people sipped their tea, not slurped, and had great gossipy stories.

Well, maybe I am a little less old than I am claiming, and maybe I've never liked tea.. ever! But I do have a fond memory of the ladies who used to live down from my parent's house. We called them the "Sweet Williams Ladies" because of the vast and beautiful garden which had Sweet Williams flowers (They were actually mother and daughter). I used to get invited to their house to dance and have tea. The eldest lady had a wonderful tea set, pink roses and polka-dots. She had MANY teacups. I think that's where I first fell in love with teacups! The set looked like:

Now, even though I was too young for tea, they used to put milk in a teacup for me. It was wonderful! We would sit at the table, this lady who was probably around 70 at the time, and myself, who was maybe 7? and sip our drinks, looking out onto the garden. After tea, the eldest would play her organ, and the youngest and I would dance.

Tea has special meaning to me, even though I still gag at the taste.
Wasn't that a great way to end that story?

Anyway, I thought I'd share that memory. These cookies will hopefully be enjoyed with the same sold of bliss that I experienced!

Now, just as a heads up to all the Fort Frances peoples. Confederation College in town has decided they want to have a cake decorating class, and have asked me to be the instructor! SQUEE! If you are interested, you can call the college at 807-274-5395 to put your name on the list. I will have more information once the course is ironed out.
This one looks like a creative cupcake class.

I'm super excited about it!

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