Saturday, June 25, 2011

Veggie Garden Cake


I am officially on summer break. Tests, reports, and all that other jazz are done for the season. Now, it is time to kick back and relax, and celebrate a great year. For some of us teachers, the end is nigh... one of our dear friends has retired (he did not die). Now, his big plans are to garden, and what better to do than to celebrate with a cake.

This is just a regular slab cake, decorated with chocolate buttercream (regular for the grass) and decorated with chocolate veggies and cookie crumble dirt. I think that smooshing cookies to make dirt was one of the many tricks my mom taught me that I use over and again! Totally great for cakes!Link
The posts are made of MMF cut to look like picket-fence posts. The lines in between are white piped buttercream.

I made modeling chocolate veggies, then added some flare with regular buttercream. For lettuce, I used the regular Rose technique, adding 'pettles' or 'leaves' on through overlapping layers. For the tomatoes, I stuck them into a toothpic tripod then piped some green leaves and vines for effect.

Add carrots (a favorite) and watermelons and we are good to go!

All in all, the effect was great. Said unnamed teacher requested no photos (he's shy), but that's all right! It was a great party, and a great cake, and he's a great teacher. We had a blast.

Well, I'm off for a few days vacation. I hope everyone stays safe. Play safe!

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A Pretty Life in the Suburbs said...

Wow your cake is amazing! I absolutely love it!!

Lark (SparkyLarky) said...

Oh how cute is this? LOVE IT!

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

What a wonderfully detailed cake, it looks great. I especially love the little tomato vines, very inventive.

Tracy said...

That is a beautiful cake! Love, love love!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Wow!! I'm blown away this is fantastic!! Following you! I am # 200!!

Lyuba @ Will Cook For Smiles said...

Beautiful cake!!! Wonderful job!!

Hope you can come see me at

Pink Little Cake said...

Such a great cake!! I love the tomato vines.

Kirsten @ Mushki Loves said...

I am your newest follower and I would love it if you would follow me back! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

This is so creative and looks so real! I love miniatures - I wouldn't dare to eat it, it's just so cute!
A really wonderful idea especially for people who love gardening :)
I can't wait to see your next creation...