Monday, July 11, 2011

Sugarbelle's Flower Pot Cookies

I absoolutely adore Sugarbelle. She has talent, enthusiasm, and is very creative! So, when I saw her flowerpot creation this past May, I just had to try it out.
The best thing about her creations, is that they are all very unique. I love that at any given time, going to visit her site, you'll find something quite inspiring, with great colour and beauty.

I realize my little flower pots are nothing like hers, but I think given my intention (to give away) and my love of decorating, I am quite happy with the result.

These "May" flowers are super easy to make. Actually, I didn't do a tutorial on them because Sugarbelle already did, but you simply stack round cookies and stick a cookie-on-a-stick in the middle. For my creation, I used cookie-crumbs for dirt.

(Mandatory Top View)

Well, my camping trip this year got cancelled. CRY! But that means I have more time to get cookies done. I have about 3 unposted things to go up... if only I weren't lazy. The truth is, getting the house done is a lot of work. I've not said much about it recently because there's been little to talk about. A lot of decisions, but no real work has gone up. I guess my contractor is a little behind already! That's okay... it gives us more time to pick out fixtures and colours.

Ah well... I'm off to go swimming again (gone every day this week)

Splish, Splosh!

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TriGirl said...

Those are so adorable!

And great work on the swimming! You'll be amazed at how quickly you get better at the rate you're going :D

Debbie~ said...

Your flower cookies are adorable, I think your 'dirt' just makes them! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes said...

Yours turned out beautiful! I've been wanting to try these... but I'm afraid it will be an epic fail. lol!

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

you did a GREAT job...I LOVE it when I see people try stuff like what Callye and other big sweets bloggers do....that inspires me more than their posts frankly. GREAT JOB!

cookies and cups said...

good job! Callye would love these!!

SweetSugarBelle said...

I love these and its so smart to use cookie crumbs of the dirt! Five stars!