Friday, July 13, 2012

Cake Camp 2012

Welcome to Cake Camp 2012

This year I had the pleasure of running a rather fun week long camp with some very talented youth. Cake Camp was a smattering of cookie, cupcake and cake decorating. The kids were introduced to the basics of each type of activity, and capped the week off with a lovely tea for their parents and friends. It was a bunch of fun. Here are some highlights:

We started off with Cookie Decorating 101. Kids baked, piped and decorated their own sugar cookies. 

For first-timers, they did AMAZING!

Of course I had to play too!

Next, we did cupcake piping and decorating....

And of course, our culminating project was a cake! Here's an awesome stable-themed cake! Each of the cakes were designed and created by the students. I loved the horse on this one!

And of course, each student came away with a masterpiece!. From flowers, to Victorian-themed cakes, from rainbows to purses, to hamburgers, these kids ROCKED their cake creations!

Cake Camp 2012 was super fun!

For more photos, check out my facebook page!

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Theresa said...

Could you post a recipe for the cookie and the icing! Those look AMAZING! I always wanted to try them with my daycare kids!

Carrie said...

Wow- their work is so impressive.