Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Resolution - A Pin-up

I think New Year's resolutions are silly. The ideas is solid! Choose something that you want to change in yourself or in your life, and make a strong effort to achieve that goal using the start of a new year as an excuse for a fresh start. You can... live better, eat clean, work harder, gain some kind of fame... etc.

The trouble is every year, millions of people make the same resolution... lose weight.
Ah YES! The infamous weight loss goal. The thing that is the hardest to do, and yet, the one that makes us feel better, Silly as it is.

Yet... every year, I make it my goal! I want to look good!

That is not to say that every year I vow to loose 20 pounds (which is hard.....), but I do try to do something... work on my Yoga skills, or try to get a 4-pack (not a 6.... I don't like the look), lift a heavier weight set. But every year it is something 'fitness' related.  Let's face it.... we all want the same thing (maybe?).

So, inspired by this double-edged sword of a resolution, I resolved to make pin-up cookies!

Blonde: Fun-loving

Brunette: Practical and hard-working

 Red-Head: Sexy and flirty

 Raven-Haired: Adventurous

But is weight loss a silly resolution? Sometimes people just need an excuse to get off the couch! The best way to set the goal is to have a goal at the end. Try to avoid the pitfall of a scale.Weight fluctuates, and muscle does weigh more than fat!

I like goals of time commitments (waking earlier to do an exercise - which is only hard until your body gets used to the routine), or a flexibility component, which takes time and practice. I am stubborn, and so should anyone be who has a resolution they want badly to achieve! And so far, beyond an injury I have, I have obtained my Resolutions!

The truth is, whatever your resolution, just be sure to stay true to yourself. Change is never easy. Over the last  10 years, I have discovered that no matter what I resolve to change or to work at, I must always remain true to myself.

So, whatever your personality or goals, I wish you luck!

Oh! I almost forgot!

As always, our town's annual Polar Plunge was going on.... And as always, My adventurous spirit was the perfect excuse to take the walk....

 Then the plunge!

 This year, the water was not as cold as previous years (or maybe it does not phase me as much)! But certainly, jumping into a hole cut in the ice is never an easy task. What a refreshing way to start the year!

Happy New Year everyone!

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TriGirl said...

I LOVE the pinup cookies! They are beautiful!!
And holy cow, are you brave for the polar bear dip :)

Carrie said...

I got a chill just seeing the photo. Way to be adventurous!