Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fail Cake... with love

One of my other projects for the end of the year celebrations was to make a cake for the K-Class, or special education kids. They are a fabulous group, and I was thrilled to make them a special treat.

The cake itself was designed by one of the kids: A multi-layered rainbow cake (4 rainbow layers) with a butterfly on top. The kids designed the cake (or rather, each designed a cake) in art class, and I decided to make the best one come true.

This is where things get tricky!

When your heart is in the right place, and you really want something to come out just right, you almost certainly will come up with troubles. That was this cake!

It seemed that everything went wrong all at once. The cake was floppy in the middle (Don't have any good pictures of that). I believe that my oven was cooking unevenly as well!

At that point, I should have just given up and made more cake, but it was late, so I soldiered on! Next.. HUMIDITY! It wrecked the icing. It was an awful mess. On the top and on the sides! I still kept rolling... But as you can see... this is very uneven.

The only thing I did liked was the butterflies. I made modeling chocolate butterflies, then hand-painted each. I was hoping for a smoother coat on the icing, but that too was not to be... still, they are pretty. Rather than do one like the original design, I made several so that the kids could share! They are yummie!

Honestly, this was the worst disaster I've made in A LONG TIME! but the children loved it. Which makes me happy. The girl who designed the cake recognized it right away, and figured that the layers were rainbow and got very excited! I guess even a fail cake can have a rainbow on the inside.

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How To Be Perfect said...

Don't give the cake too much of a hard time it looks yummy :) I bet they loved it, rainbow layers is a stroke of genius x

Allison said...

The butterflies are pretty! I know exactly how you feel when a cake doesn't come out how we envisioned it. Honestly, I think we are our own biggest critics too!

Yael said...

We are our own worst critics- but from a bystanders point of view , the cake looks just lovely. I think that when one's heart and love go into something you make, it tastes better anyways!

cookies and cups said...

awww, i think if the kids liked it, it was a success! They are you toughest critics, anyway! If I want to test out a new recipe I make it for my kids and ALWAYS get an opinion, whether I want to hear it or not :)
I think it looks great!