Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poker Card Cupcakes for the 80th B-Day

This has been a crazy couple of weeks. Mid-terms, Competitions, Work, Work, Work. It seems like I've not had a lot of time to myself to do any baking. Which makes me quite sad. So, when my friend approached me about making some special cupcakes for 'grandpa,' how could I say no?

The question? What to decorate them with. Michelle and I bounced the ideas of raspberries (for his garden), flowers (for the fake ones he likes to stick on his 8ft tall cactus), cross-cut lawn patterns on top (for his lawn love)... nothing seemed enough... then.... a light went on!

Grandpa loves Cards! Poker, Crazy-8s, Cribbage! PERFECT!

I made each card out of gum-paste, then painted each with his age, then the card symbol.

Grandpa is the ace in the hole!

Teaching has taught me a lot of things - one being that kids don't play cards anymore. Or at least not here.

When I was young I used to play cards every night with my friends. We'd pay 31, poker, 'bum'hole, 'lies', and a whole whack of other inappropriately named games. It was a lot of fun, Now that I'm older, I love to play cribbage with my friends. Still, a great night with the ladies. A lost art. The kids from the math class didn't even know what faces were on the cards (or the suits). :: Shock ::

I guess that Grandpa needs to teach the kids in our school the 'heart of the cards,' from the original sense! At least we know kids' in our school don't gamble online!

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