Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Cake Has Spirit!

This little cake has a whole lot of spirit! The week, the NWO (North Western Ontario) cheerleading teams got together for regional basketball tournament. This is a time to get together and stunt, cheer, and have a lot of fun! To celebrate a coming together, out team hosted a nice little pot luck which grew into a large event. We had over 100 people (66 cheer, and some odd 40 basketball players) come to dine. Man, was it fun! Everyone had a blast.

As part of the celebration, I made a cake. I originally posted the little gum-paste girl which was to be the cake topper, but held off on the cake photos - which were still in progress. Now, as you can see, the cake is done, and the photos are up! What a lot of work this all was!

There is a colour of each team from the region represented on the cake - Yellow flowers for our Muskies, Blue cake fondant for the Dryden Eagles, and a purple rose on top for the fabulous Kenora Broncos!

When I had everything all set up on went the topper. The kids went mad! It was a fabulous treat. The cake is Vanilla-Orange (since we have nut allergies) with Chocolate-Strawberry ganache filling covered in vanilla-orange buttercream, wrapped in MMF. Most kids had never tried Fondant around here, and were very happy to get the chance!

I totally forgot to take a picture of the inside of the cake. SORRY!

Such a cute little cake. Lots of fun to make, and had a great time spending it with my girls! To all the teams, great job! Hope you had as much fun as I had!

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cookies and cups said...

SOOO CUTE! Your topper is absolutely perfect :)

mumra said...

Meghan your cake is fabulous. You have a wonderful talent. I also know your treats taste wonderful!!!