Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Cake: Dragon Slippers

My Final Cake for the March Break!

I am super happy with this cake. The series which starts with the book "Dragon Slippers" by Jessica Day George is a favorite of my friend's daughter. The lovely Courtney is super into the books, and requested this cake for her birthday. Or rather, a cake with the idea of Dragon Slippers. With some painting, the cake was personalized.

I used edible food color on Marshmallow Fondant to paint the book's cover. I let layers dry as I painted in order to prevent bleed.

And, of course, the books would not be perfect unless there was a little accent on the book.

Now, if you looked very closely, you'll notice a wood grained board on the cake. That is my latest plaything. Using three colors of MMF (White, Tan and Brown) I marbled and rolled out a sheet big enough for the cake board.
Next, I cut lines in the MMF to look like planks.

Next, using a pointy tool, I cut small holes into the MMF, where the knots of the wood would be. Then, I used thye same tool to add lines for the wood grain.
Finally, using Edible Brown Food Gels (I Used Americolor), I added in detail where the knots were, and lightly brushed the rest of the 'wood' with lots of water. This added a sheen to he wood, making it look like a polished wooden plank. Great for this cake! I just stacked the books on as per normal.

So, March Break Madness is over. I'm sad. I love making cakes! I was super super happy with all of them! Now, I have to get ready to go back to work. BOO! I have two more days of glorious sunshine. I guess I will go and enjoy it.

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Ratita Golosa said...

Me encantaaaaaaa!!!

MsFoxsSweets said...

This looks amazing!

Michelle said...

This is absolutely AMAZING! What a creative momma! :)