Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Somber Cookies

What you say? Another blog post?
It seems that the world is trying to conspire to keep me baking. My week was pretty busy trying to get the Sauna situation in order, and then I baked to distract myself.... In a one week period I made a Pikachu Cake, Cheeky Tulip cookies, Thank you Flowers/Butterflies, and now, these Somber cookies.

Why are they called Somber Cookies? Well, they are for a friend who recently lost her father. The flowers are an attempt at chrysanthemums, a flower commonly associated with death, also known as the God Flower. The butterflies symbolize rebirth and freedom.

 I feel that they also symbolize light in darkness, which is why I chose the colors grey (for the loss, white for light or the divine, and yellow for hope). Hilariously, and quite honestly, I love the color scheme, even through I used them with a specific meaning above, I could easily see this as my kitchen/living room colours.

These particular cookies were a combined gift from myself and my coworkers. When they were delivered, I got a smile, which makes me hopeful that the healing process is well underway.

All our love!

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Cake Fixation said...

Oh wow, these are beautiful. I love the gray and yellow!

Maria said...

What beautiful cookies! Love the color combination and the beautiful decorating!