Monday, September 10, 2012

Angry... VERBS! (don't play with your food!)

Well, it certainly has been a lag in posting lately, has it not!
There have been othr projects that I have been working on. Getting a new job, a new home. Things certainly have been busy!

The project was inspired by Pintrest. Our classroom is doing a grammar review called 'Angry Verbs' which takes angry birds and well, makes them into a teaching tool! Super fun! The kids have been enjoying the games associated.. and so, as a treat, I've made cookies! It has been some time since I've ventured to do so:

My coworker swears she can hear the laughing pig. She was going around imitating it's silly laugh to my delight!

I of course like the yellow bird best.... his triangular shapes is adorable!!! While I don't fully understand the appeal of the game (and am probably the only one who is oblivious to its charms), the kids enjoy it greatly! The part that most appeals to me are the graphics. The adorable looks, grins, and  colours make it a sweet game!

And of course, I like to play with my food!

I have a few projects I will be working on in the coming days.... let's hope I can get back to work with little issue!

Of course, here is my board!

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Ladies Holiday said...

My kids would love these! And my husband and well. me too :)Saying Hi from Mom on A Time Out Hop...I host Photo Friday Link Party, I'd love to have you link up this or any other original photo from your blog. Happy Hopping!

Sugar Swings said...

these made me smile, haha. great job, how fun!