Saturday, September 29, 2012

NO HOCKEY! I'm so mad I could eat my shirt!

What a disappointment to have the 2012-2013 Hockey season cancelled!I love hockey!

Ever since I was 8, My brother and I would play Nintendo's Blades of Steel. I was always my favorite team: the Penguins! (GO PENS GO)

Of course, my favorite player was Mario Lemieux! He was dreamy with his curly black hair and pretty smile! I loved watching him play alongside the team! It was always a treat to watch hockey (in black and white) on my small 12" TV.

This cake was made for a Pens fan: a little boy who is celebrating his birthday this week.

Of course, the sleeve has the trademark number 66 - or Lemieux's number. ♥
While I think Crosby is a great player, he often plays up injuries (not the one that kept him out most of the season last year, but the in-game small hits). I apologize if that offends... it is simply my opinion.

I am sure most of you remember that the Pens changed their logo (which turned out looking like a flying pigeon). The classic logo (Below) is my favorite!
I made it out of MMF, hand-painted with Americolors. Labors of love I guess!

So, I wait with baited breath for the next season. I hope that the NHL gets their stuff together, so we fans can enjoy the wonders of sport. I may have to take on Football!

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icakepops said...

Wow so creative - you did a great job on the penguin!