Friday, September 10, 2010

EURIKA! Finally, REAL Maple Tarts

After 8 years of search, I have finally cracked the secret of Hubbie's dream Maple Tart. It comes at a sad time, it's maker, his aunt, passed away. At her funeral, the tart recipe was discussed, but no one had the recipe, she had kept it a secret for all her life, and no one would ever receive it. Yet the discussion was fruitful, those who discussed the memory of the tart slowly unwrapped it's secret. And I was able to figure out it's secrets.

The tart is the size of a two-bite brownie, or a mini cupcake. Those around here describe them as a "Sally-Anne," a small cake, like a Petit Four, but larger. Cake, crust, icing, a secret for so long.

The secret was in the description. I doubt that anyone expected it to be such an easy discovery, but after speaking with Hubbie's family, I got the just of how to make it, much to Hubbie's chagrin. What is in a Maple Tart?

The actual recipe is a secret, but the description is there, and is forever a reminder of H's Aunt, who for years would bake these treats for family gatherings, making them lovingly for others. Now, I shall make them lovingly, remembering the lady whose secrecy passed this recipe to me, not on purpose, but whose secrecy made them legend.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Etts would love these,..maple is a thing his mom used! <3

Nadji said...

Une réalisation qui semble délicieuse.
A tester rapidement.
Bon weekend et à bientôt.

Chef Bee said...

Yummy and so pretty. Always love to have a surprise center.

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