Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Face Cupcakes

Babies are awesome right? Cute, cuddly, sweet. Sure, they have their moments, but what child does not?

When I think of babies, all I think about is:

But seriously it's not all that bad right?
A co-worker of mine is going away on a Maternity leave soon. She's done, tired, and surprisingly small given how close she is to the 'end'. This will be her second child, yet she's not forgotten the pain, or so she assures me. Since tomorrow is her last day (Thursday), I'm sending her off with a little gift. The screaming baby, is really a cupcake!

But wait, if the screaming baby was not your type, there are more.This cliche little design is darling! I've wanted to do a cuppie like this for a while now, but given my non-baby state, and the fact that my baby-having friends have moved away from Fort Fabulous, I've not had the chance. Yeah, that's right, Fort Fabulous!

Babies, cry, scream, and drool. But they also laugh, smile, love and are cute. So, good luck Madam! Tu vas ĂȘtre une maman fantastique! Bonne Chance!

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PartyMom said...

Very cute! I especially like how you mixed in the crying baby with the happy babies. Thanks for sharing!

abeachcottage said...

Those cupcakes are just so cute. LOL! You captured what babies are like really well! Thanks for sharing.

Manni said...

Omg!! These are sooo cute :)
I love them!! I think I want to give these guys a try for my next party!!!

Kristy said...

Awesome job! Those look great!

Sue said...

These baby cupcakes are perfectly darling! I think I'd just want to admire them for a long while before actually eating any:)

Selena Ze Arteest said...

They are so cute and originaL. I love the Waaaa baby :))