Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fondant Cookie Tutorial

Decorated Cookies take a lot of time, which sometimes we don't have. I had spoken of Fondant-covered cookies in this post, and thought it would be wonderful to share some ideas on how to make beautiful cookies on a limited time frame.

What Will you need?

1 wad of Marshmallow Fondant (you can even half your recipe)
20 undecorated cut-out-cookies (any recipe will do)
Food Dye (to color fondant)
the cookie cutter used to make the shape.
Flower cutters, butterfly cutters, whatever works!
A small bit of icing.

First, take one colour of fondant and roll it flat. I chose a circle for the cookie, so I am using the same cutter below...

Cut out a shape of the same type as the cookie you baked.

Using a little regular icing (tub stuff works for this), spread a light layer to stick the fondant to the cookie.

Smooth out your fondant.

Hopefully by now, you'll have some good ideas on how to decorate. Here, I made flowers out of different colour fondants, and cut them out. I also have lines which I cut.

You can STICK the shapes to the fondant-cookie with a little dab of water. I use a paint-brush to wet the cookie....

Place your design on and VOILA!

You can make any design, or you can paint on the fondant-cookie with food color gels. Whatever you want! Options are endless and easy.

Until next time!

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Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

I've always wanted to make beautiful cookies like this. You make it seem so easy.

I'd love for you to share this recipe on my linky for Sweet Tooth Friday.

Jerri said...

These are so cute! I've never made fondant before. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try it in the future.

Sue said...

So pretty. I need to decorate with fondant sometime soon:)

shopannies said...

I have never worked with fondant but must say that your cookies look lovely and spring like

Emily {WhipperBerry} said...

Very cute. Thanks for sharing!