Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bloody Brain Cupcakes!

I am super excited about this new cupcake I've made, especially because I'm such a zombie fan! Introducing, the Bloody Brain CUPCAKE! A Marshmallow Fondant Brain on top of a Red-Velvet Cupcake.

This cupcake not only looks spooky, but bleeds deliciousness! Who needs an excuse to make Red Velvet cupcakes anyway? Don't have a recipe, use MINE!

Sooo bloody Cute!

I had designed a tutorial for the brains, but it appears too small here on blogger. I'll have to redesign it, and post it up in a couple of days.

Tutorial Image for the Brain Forthcoming.. Really!


Happy Hauntings!

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Envy My Cooking said...

Great blog just found it through links! If you would ever like new recipes or want share you own...please become a follower and email us.. we love to feature people!

love this idea

Allie said...

Oh wow! Those are awesomelly gruesome! Excellent job! I can't wait for the tutorial!
Thank You for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see all you have for next week!
Your newest follower,

How To Be Perfect said...

I adore these cupcakes! Fantastic x

Jami said...

Those are deliciously ghoulish!

Chef Bee said...

These would definitely be a hit at a Halloween party. Very cool and super gross.

Plan B

Carri said...

Can't wait for the tutorial for these. Awesome!

Melly said...

Love these! Do you mind if I link to your post?
I'm your newest follower from the BH. Stop by sometime for great recipes & baking tips!
my sister blog with crafts & fun!
Have a nice day,

Susan @ Entertain Exchange said...

Very cool!

Party and Entertaining Inspiration

Meghan @ Domestic Sugar said...

Thanks all!

Melly - Absolutely - please link back :)