Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Elmo Themed Cake, Cookies and more

So, after the Little Mermaid Cake I made for one of my friends, a co-worker asked me to make an ELMO cake for her child's birthday. I was like, 'great, that's going to be a blast, I'll get creative, do all kinds of cool things, make and ELMO topper..." NO. They had an ELMO pan that they wanted me to pipe. They also asked me to pipe the pan, make some ELMO cookies and then some letters for the place settings on the table.
SIMPLE! It is not like that would not be fun. In fact, it would be SO EASY that I could get it done in a day and still be able to hang out with Hubbie, who was neglected from my previous caking.

Anyway, I started with the cookies, since that would take the longest. I did not pipe them as I usually do. I spread thick Royal Icing all over the cookies (so it would be furry right?), then I piped on the black smile and the orange nose. Finally, instead of trying to pipe perfect circles for the eyes, I decided to use some MMF to make the eyes. I cut little MMF circles using the backside of a piping tip, then used my food doodlers to poke in the eyes.

I like Marshmallow Fondant! It is yummy!

Moving on to the letters. I cut out a letter for each child, then decided, 'HEY, this is a Sesame Street themed party.... I need to put some instructional love into this." My inner English teacher came out as I lovingly placed each letter onto a place-card, whereby I wrote --- is for ------. Like G. G is for Gavin. It's like a spelling lesson right? Each letter was held down on the card by a little royal icing. I love that stuff. I put each in a cellophane bag and tied each with a ribbon. So cute~


Now, the cake! So, while the cookies were taking most of my day, I made the piped shaped-pan-cake. I decided to make it a rainbow cake (YAY), covered in Cream-Cheese buttercream (YUM). I then put MMF on the eyes, nose and mouth. I piped around each, and VoilĂ !
C'est parfait!

It may not have been a super complicated cake, but I think the final product is really cute! I was very pleased! It was a funny contrast from the previous endeavor, but that's what it's like.

I'm glad that they let me make their cakes!

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