Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Club Cuppies

When it comes to teens reading, I always say, whatever gets the job done! Be it the Twilight series or the Harry Potter series, or a bunch of cupcakes, getting children interested in reading is awesome! Each year, our school participates in the Forest of Reading's White Pine Book Club, where students get a sample of 10 books written for teens, and vote on which is the best! I love the club. This year the books have been flying off the shelf; we have a 5 copies of each of the books, and most of the time there are none on the shelf. That means all 50 books are taken out and enjoyed! YAY!
This past week, the school hosted a meeting to discuss the book, and to get the kids out, I made "White Pine Book Club Cuppies."

Each of the books and trees are made of MMF, rolled out, shaped, cut, and custom painted to look like the books which make up this year's selection; I also made trees to symbolize the club itself!

I thought the books looked pretty snappy! I've finally had a chance to read all 10 books. YAY! I have to say, they always have a great selection. I'd say my favorite is "Some Girls Are," it elicited so much emotion from me... SO MUCH ANGER AND FRUSTRATION (which of course was Courtney Summer's intention)! It was a great read!

Book clubs are awesome! I hope everyone at the meeting enjoyed the cuppies! Do you book club? If so, where do you find your books, and what do you read?!

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