Friday, February 25, 2011

Easy Lizard Cookies

I have to admit, sometimes the pressure is high to create something special. Let's face it, no one has all the time in the world! I'm lucky to have time now, but in a few months, kiss that all goodbye. Hubbie and I are building a house on the lake :)

Anyway, this idea is one I've been wanting to try for a while, and it is super easy. Painted, Royal Icing cookies take a long time. Each layer dries, and you start again.... not good for the rushed-treat thing. These Marshmallow Fondant lizards are the perfect compromise: easy to make, and quick to do, delicious too!

If you've not already tried out this MMF recipe, then you are going to love it! IT is really made of two ingredients (plus color). Microwave marshmallows and water, add powdered sugar and mix. VOILA!

I used the same cutter to cut out the cookies as I did to cut the fondant (just wash in between). It is super easy to make a base coat for the cookie, then decorate with other shapes and colours to make that cookie pop! Best of all, it's easy! Anyone can do it! No more fuss with drippy icing or piping bags. It's a perfect idea for any family.

These lizards went to a great bunch of kids at my school. Super awesome treat for a super awesome bunch! Try it out. I'm going to! Let's see what kinds of toppings and colors I can make!

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Sue said...

Your lizard cookies are super cute!

Kenni said...

I'm not really a reptile fan, but if these were in my house I wouldn't mind. Too cute!