Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BLOG LOVE! Lollypop Cookies

Of all the blogs on the interwebs, Kara's blog, Butter Hearts Sugar is my absolute favorite! Maybe it is the general aesthetic, maybe it is the fact that she has a wicked tattoo! Either way, many of her ideas scream to me! So, with her recent post on these cute lollypop cookies, I freaked. It has been years since I've seen them made (my mom used to make these for us). I just had to borrow the idea!

LinkFor a great tutorial, head on down to Kara's blog and check her step-by-step. For mine, I used my sugar cookie recipe and three colors of dough to make lollies. I decided that since my classic sugar cookie recipe is great with icing, but I needed a new flavor for the perfect lolly. So, I pulled out my LorAnn candy oils and added a few drops of the Key Lime into the dough. SO AMAZING! Key-Lime Lolly Cookies!

Of course, these cookies are a dream, and made my students super happy when they got them as a prize! I am very happy that I could be reminded of this great treat, and I can't wait to get back to creating. This is a wonderfully simple design that is great for kids! Or me :)

Thanks Butter Hearts Sugar, for inspiration, icing, and awesomeness~!

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Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

Awe lollipop cookies are the best, yours are such sweet colours. I love Kara's blog as well.

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Meghan you are making me blush. Thanks so much for the lovely compliments about my blog. Your cookies look fantastic, they're all I want to make at the moment in every single colour.