Thursday, March 18, 2010

Domestic Goddess: One can never be too organized.

Organization before baking is a must! I always find it simpler to identify the task, list it out (pull out what you need), then to start baking.

For those who know me, this does not always work as I plan... I often forget ingredients, misjudge amounts of product I have remaining, or simply fail to look for an ingredient before I begin, only to find, halfway through a project, that I am missing a key part (like eggs).

I am no Domestic Goddess, but I certainly try. The best way to start a batch of cookies is to choose the design, colours, and extras.

For example, above is a sample of ideas I gave a client for their themed birthday party. I listed a few of the choices, talked about some of the colours and add-ons (with sketches), then allowed them to choose the option they liked best: the Wizard's Hat: black hat with purple ribbon, dusted with purple sugar dust.

Now, when I go to make the cookie, I have the list of what I need: Cookie Dough (Sugar Cookie/vanilla icing), black icing, purple icing, purple sugar dust, luster dust.
NOW, I'm ready to start baking the cookie!

Soon these will be high-class hats, fit for a wizard!
Being prepared for a task by having a list and some brains really helps to make the task easier. Now, when I go to make the hats, list in hand, I can be sure that I will not be short on ingredients, or forget the choices. The drawing list helps me know exactly what I plan on doing, before I do it.

Now for a fun add-on:
I just came back from a trip to Thunder Bay (for those of you who don't know where that is, it is 4 hours away from Fort Frances, in North Western Ontario -- the middle of nowhere).
While I was down there, my mother and I took a classy shopping trip to the local Dollarama. There, we found these little gems:

Now, normally I would be too cheap to buy silly plastic gloves, but my mom insisted that I buy these. As a kid, I would always joke about my name: Meghan sounds like Megami, which means goddess in Japanese. This translated into part of my blog title "Domestic Sugar" reminds me of the Domestic Goddess I always believed I was. To see that phrase on a pair of gloves is funny.
What is better, is that "DOMESTIC GODDESS" found its way into my life in other ways.

This charm I found in the Toronto Airport. ♥

I'm guessing the name was fitting for me, since I run ito it so often. I may not be the most likely candidate for the title of Domestic Goddess, as my husband likes to remind me on my unorganized days, but Megami I will always remain, at least in my heart.

Until tomorrow, to see the conclusion of the Wizard Hat Cookies.

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