Friday, March 19, 2010

Wizards of Waverly Place Cookie

I'm sure most kids in the elementary schools have heard of this program by now:

I was approached by a wonderful parent who wished to order a set of cookies for her daughter's birthday. After brain-storming ideas (see previous post), we came up with with the idea of Wizard Hat cookies. I was all too excited about this project. Here's how I did them.

After cutting the cookies out from Sugar Cookie Dough, I pipe an outline of Royal Icing to prepare for the "flood," a thinned out version of Royal Icing that can be spread inside the outline.

I like to spread my flood with a toothpick, or a long pin. The benefit of a pin is to pop and bubbles that come to the surface. Tapping the cookie on the baking surface also helps to bring larger bubbles to the top of the icing, then you can get at them easily, dragging the pin down through the bubble. This is tedious, yes, but is necessary for smooth icing.

AFTER ABOUT 3-4 HOURS OF DRYING you should have a smooth, hard shell to work with on the cookie. Then, the real decorating begins.

For the Wizard Hats, I lined the "ribbon" of the hat in purple, the child's favorite color, then...

I dusted the wet icing with some sanding sugar. This gives it a nice, sparkly quality. I love to use small cupcake-cups to store and sprinkle the sugar, and place a piece of parchment on the bottom to catch the leftover sugar. The cup helps me control where the sugar falls, and the parchment helps me collect the loose sugar and funnel it back into the cup. No waste .

The last thing I do is to embellish the cookie.

Place a small dollop of white sparkle icing, then a little silver pearl in the center. Now, it's a crown fit for a queen!
Snap a few photos, and...


Now off to packing, then off to the customer.


Until next time ♥


Doubledouble said...

Wow! I can't wait to pick them up! I showed my daughter your pictures, and the steps you went through to create these little masterpieces, and she was so thrilled! Alex in the cookie hat was a particularly nice touch <:o)

Katy said...

great job! That's such a cute show!

Whimsy Cookie Co. said...

very cute cookie..its perfect!!

Molly said...

These hats are so cute! The sanding sugar is such a nice touch. :)

cookies and cups said...

They turned out great!!

tamy@prettie parties said...

Thanks for sharing
I love the muted purple!