Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They Call me Ishmael...

I did some playing around this week. I've had a lot on my plate, but with the Cheerleading season over, I figured I at least owed it to myself to play with some cookie decorating. So, I opened my bucket of 50 animal cutters and found this happy shape. I DIE!


I decided that I would try out a little recipe that I saw online. Some people like to use the Royal Icing for decorating cookies. Others use a corn-syrup based icing, which is a little paler and softer (texture-wise). It has the added benefit of drying faster as well, which to me sounded like a bonus for quick cookies. So, I decided to give this recipe a go. It was recommended by another baker who I like to follow, Cookie Crazie (SHOUT OUT!). The end result was a little shinier than I had hoped, and left little run-lines throughout the flood ( you can see them below).

I suppose it is a recipe that is okay for playing with; certainly it was a nice base, but it did not wow me, and the end effect, while adorable in Whale Form, did not meet all of my expectations. Maybe it was because I used "Golden Corn Syrup" instead of "light," who knows, but the type of icing was a far cry from the stiff Royal Icing I so love.
Either way, I had a blast... come on... HAPPY WHALES! THEY ARE SO HAPPY!

I am guessing that I will have to play a little more with the recipe, and see that I can't change things up. I love these little critters though, and don't think that it was not worth the effort.
Let us see how the next couple of tries go.
Until then.


cookies and cups said...

very cute whales!
I am torn between the 2 icings, the corn syrup kind and the meringue powder royal...
the jury's still out!

Whimsy Cookie Co. said...

Adorable whales!! I definately like royal icing better and not fond of the shiny look, but the corn syrup kind is just not my friend!! LOL I think its just what you get used to!!

Kate said...

Thanks for your kind words about my boy. He is doing much better now. I LOVE these whales. They are absolutely adorable!