Monday, July 19, 2010

Dallas Cowboys Cake

Well, this is an older picture of a cake I made a while back. It was a 6-inch round carrot cake with a little Dallas Cowboys fist thumper on top.

I liked the cake, it tasted amazing! I got to sample some extra mini-cakes we made.. cream-cheese icing is sooo good! I could just lick it off the spoon as I stir! Bad Meghan... BAD!

The figurine on top was modeled after the birthday girl's father, Larry. They got a kick out ogf that.

So, why not a newer cake?
This weekend, hubby, myself and our friend Michelle went to Minneapolis MN and to Valley Fair park. SUPER FUN! I don't like to to ride rides, so I spent my time at the water park ♥


Hubby liked that, we had a blast! He rode the big rides with Michelle, and I took pictures. It was hot, and there was a big storm in the evening, which made it a great trip. Now, I've got to design some cupcakes for my nephew's birthday :) It's his 1st! Can't wait to get started.

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