Saturday, July 31, 2010

Red Velvet Birthday

I've been loving the idea of red velvet lately. So, for my nephew's birthday party, I decided that red velvet (in place of vanilla or chocolate) would be a nice little treat. You can't really get red velvet in Thunder Bay either: Operation, make them fall in love!

The cupcakes, like the ice-cream cones, had to travel with me, and I just decorated them when I got in, but they were moist and good! OH MY! I decorated them with little candy hearts and they were so cute. Place them on a tower.. YAY!~ I didn't do a wonderful spread like those moms you see here on the blogs, but I did think it looked swank!


Aiden, the Birthday Boy

Abby had about 4 cupcakes that day.... she, as I said before, LOVES cupcakes!

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Kate said...

Those turned out so cute & I just love the ice cream cones! What tip did you use to get the icing to pipe like that?


Domestic Sugar said...

Thanks Kate!

I used a Wilton 1A round piping tip. It is large and in charge as far as smooth, round icing on a cuppie!

Kate said...

I love how these look. Sometimes simple looks best, and those little red hearts are the perfect topper. I can tell the birthday kiddo loved them!!

NEL, the batter baker said...

Your cookies are really pretty!
Thanks for dropping by my blog :) You have a lovely blog, and I'll be following it. Looking forward to more goodies...

How To Be Perfect said...

These papers look the same as mine hun x