Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ice Cream Cakepops!

Most of you have heard of Bakerella and her glorious cakepops. For those of you who have not... GO CHECK HER OUT!

Cakepops are glorious little cake truffles (cake and icing made into melt-in-our mouth truffles) that can be shaped into figures and shapes. Bakerella has made some amazing designs (buy her book... FOR ME!) in the past, but more recently, she made an ice-cream cone cakepop that I just had to try out!

My little creation looked something like this:

THEY LOOKED AWESOME! Even the adults liked them! My niece, Abby, who LOVES cupcakes beyond anything else, went for these before the actual cupcakes I made when I told her there were cakes too (sort of)!

Knowing this, I will definately make them again! I'll post up a how-to for cake pops someday. Fun to make, beautiful to look at not so good to travel 400 km with (made them in Fort, brought them to Thunder Bay... a little hard to do!).

Silly smiles all around!
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Pink Little Cake said...

These are adorable!

Anonymous said...

They tasted fabulous Meghan and the presentation was wonderful. Great job.

Anonymous said...

They were super duper good and very cute!

Sophie said...

I would like to bring some to school for my son's birthday.... How did you transport them? Love them! So Cute!!!!