Thursday, December 9, 2010

Simple Snowflake Cookie

CHANGE OF LOOK! SNOW! We now have some 4 feet of it... it's so much snow!

It's Christmas Baking time... that takes a lot of work. It's difficult coming up with so many beautiful desserts to make a fun tray. And each year, I make about 30 trays of goodies to give out. One of my fall back desserts is the sugar cookie. They were my first love and continue to be a big hit among co-workers. For my baking trays, I wanted to include some decorated sugar cookies, but did not have time to make some 100+ cookies that were decorated (I usually include about 7 types of baking and had about 3 days to make it all).

Snowflake Cookies are a great alternate 'pretty' choice. You can do a lot with a small design. I made each snowflake different. After piping on a few lines, the cookies looked fab. I choose light-blue. Then, some silver or white non-perils, and some sanding sugar and, voilĂ ! Instant beauty!

I like the idea of having at least one shiny choice. Not surprisingly, these and the Chocolate mints were the top choices, followed by the Caramel Butter Bars. I'll have to show you the set-up a little later on. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday baking!

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