Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Syrian Bread - It's a PITA!

Have you ever wondered how they got the pocket in the pita? Well, I've got the answer, and it is quite unlikely! See? Even I can do it!

I stumbled upon this "Syrian Bread" recipe while doing my thing on Allrecipies.com. Turns out, you too can make Pitas, and without much fuss!

Take the yeast, grow it a little: TIME LAPSE!

Add the flour, mix it for a few...

And you will make a giant LUMP. Kind of like this one:

But don't worry, after you let it rise, then divide it into balls, things start to look up!

Roll them out on a floured surface:
Bake them out, and you'll get the pocket! The bread actually steams itself apart, so that when you cut into it, it will be already pocketed!

You can enjoy it with friends (Mmmm. pita chips with salsa)

Or as part of a meal!

Hopefully you'll get the same results! The bread is good for about 2 days (stored in an air-tight container). Make good use of this knowledge. The Pita Secret must be kept!

BTW: That was an amazing pita! (Grilled Chicken Pita w/ salsa!)

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